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Test First Design Benefits

Why you should test implementation details. Continue reading

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No, TDD isn’t dead, it just takes a bit of practice

In the recent ‘is TDD Dead‘ debates, DHH said that he felt TDD could lead to test induced damage particularly when using mocks. He said that it can lead to layers of indirection in the codebase. I’m a long time … Continue reading

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When should I use Dependency Injection

Last night I went to the Brighton Alt.net meeting for the first time in a while. It was good to spend a couple of hours discussing various .net related topics with some friendly likeminded people. One of the topics was … Continue reading

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Why I LIke Whitebox Testing

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with a colleague about some Specflow acceptance tests we were writing. ┬áThese are for an Azure Service Bus based integration solution and the feature we were testing publishes messages to the … Continue reading

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